Tuesday, October 5, 2010

School & Candy Corn

I took Maya to Kids Kare today for a quick visit. All her friends were working on a BIG purple get well poster when we got there. It was so sweet to see they were all happy to see her. She only made it a few days before her surgery and was a little hesitant to return, but once we were there she fell right into place.

We listened to Ms. Candy read a story about fall and then it was off for a mini recess. Her friend Alisandra was so sweet... she took Maya by the hand and we headed over to the swings. She also played on the play scape and went down a few slides. I think being in the environment with the other kids was really good for her.

She also got see all the other teachers that love her so much- I think it was good for everyone to see how well she is doing. Words like "stroke" are scary, and people are amazed how able she is.

Having said that, here's a little video of her playing the candy corn game (working on her left fine motor skills).

I wish I had some pictures to post of her day at school, but right now juggling her and the camera just isn't option :)

We see the doctor at 2:40, so hopefully I will have some good news to report later today! That's all for now...

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