Monday, October 4, 2010

Getting Caught Up

Well, we are finally starting to get a little settled in... Parker came home yesterday and it was nice to have us all together in one place. Maya is sleeping well for the most part, but we have to wake her up at 11pm and give her a dose of Motrin for inflammation. After that, she complains of of her arm and leg itching. To make matters worse, she has massive rashes from all the tape that held the lines into her little body... I guess her skin is too sensitive for that sticky stuff. Poor thing! Usually a little coaxing can get her back down, but she's been through so much- I'm just ready for her to be able to sleep in comfort.

We had a lazy Sunday, considered church but didn't think Maya is quite ready for that. Instead we caught up on sleep and worked most of the day on her fine motor skills. Yay Play-dough! Kevin took Rain to the farm for some Daddy time, which I think she thoroughly enjoyed. Then my friend Ame came over and brought Honey Baked ham, mac-n-cheese, croissants and lemon pie. Yum-my!

We had some visitors here and there and I think Maya has really enjoyed the attention. It makes her feel very special and loved. Our friends have been so generous with the notes and gifts--our house looks like a birthday party and Christmas put together!

Today we headed to H-E-B for a big out-of-the-house adventure. We picked up some Playdough ingredients. Ame had made some homemade dough for Maya and she just loved it! She emailed me the recipes and we were off and cooking. Maya's first request was the edible kind, so we turned this

into this! A darling gift arrived from the Urbanczyk's and it was just perfect for her new edible dough adventure. A mixing bowl, wooden spoon, rolling pin and oven mitt... in purple of coarse!

Here's one of Maya stirring the pot... she's doing really well.

We also had a visit from Ms. Candy, Maya's teacher at Kids Kare. Maya thought it was so neat that her teacher came by to bring her a gift and see how she was doing. It's always funny to watch kids when they see their teachers outside of school... I guess they assume that that is where they live:) Anyway, it made Maya's day to have that special visit.

Overall, I think she has improved some since even yesterday. We do have some concerns about her shoulder as today I noticed it started to droop more. Sure enough, Kevin sent me this and when he got home we figured out her shoulder has been dislocated. He popped it back in and it stayed for now, but who knows how long it will stay put. We have a doctor's appt. tomorrow to set up PT/OT and I can't wait to get started.

Thank you so much to all the folks on the Care Calendar. It is nice to able to play with Maya and keep a close eye on her instead of having to worry about what to feed my family. The Toneys brought a delicious roast over tonight-THANK YOU!! So if y'all see me and I've gained 10 pounds you know why, ha!

Well, now I'm off to make Pink Peppermint and Coconut Purple Playdough.
Wish me luck!


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  1. So glad you are home. Look at that amazing child! Hard to believe only a week a go was her surgery. So happy to help with supper, it is the least we can do. Let us know if you need anything else.