Saturday, October 2, 2010

Home, Sweet Home

Here's Maya patiently waiting for the nurse to print the discharge papers. We told her we were going home and I think she thought, "Yeah, I believe that when I see it".

She was so good about waiting, and a pink flamingo with some beautiful flowers arrived form Uncle Bob & Aunt Betty. It was great timing and helped the with waiting. When the nurse finally came in, she was ready to go!

We put on these cute flip-flops that my friend Megan made for her and we were on our way!

Down the elevator and straight to the gift shop. We promised Maya a full shopping experience we she was done and she held us to it... we were happy to oblige:)

Here she is outside the hospital doors as we waited for daddy. She was so happy to see some real clouds, as some the ceiling tiles on her floor were painted like the sky. These were much better!

It was the longest drive home... Kevin slept maybe one hour last night and I slept a little more with Maya, but we are all worn out. I had promised Maya that I would ride home in the backseat with her and I kept my promise. Between the fatigue, my diet for the past few days and my tendency towards motion sickness, I was a mess when we got home. Luckily when my feet hit still land I recovered pretty quickly.

When we arrived there was a package on our door from The Biddison's, our neighbors, with lots of fun stuff like Play-Doh, dominos and coloring books.

Then Memaw and Pepaw brought Rain home and that was a real treat! Soon after they left, Rain's best friend and her family stopped by with a super neat Tinkerbell balloon basket filled with goodies.

I went to fill some prescriptions and when I got back Kevin was in desperate need of rest. So he is taking a nap, and I will soon feed the girls some delicious dinner from our friend Stuart. I can't wait!!

It feels so good to be home, but now that she is in her natural element, I feel like the problems are more pronounced. I honestly think that the only things that bother her right now are the symptoms from the stroke... she doesn't even blink an eye at her sternum, heart or any other area. It's hard to face that this is her reality now, and she's not just gonna spring back to her usual self. But bothers me more than it bothers her and there's something to be said for that. I have made an appt to set up physical therapy, so we can hopefully get that started right away.

For now, I am exhausted... but extremely happy to have my little girl home.

In Him,

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  1. YEAH!!! This is the best post yet! So thrilled that y'all are actually back home in NB, and getting to sleep in your own beds!!! Can't wait to come see y'all!