Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Life back to normal... sort of.

Last week was our first week on the road back to "normal". Maya had two days of Mother's Day Out and went for 1/2 days, and we should have had our last post-op appointment, but it got rescheduled. I was a little bummed because I'm anxious to find out specifically what she can and can't do... with her heart feeling much better she has a lot of energy and I think she's starting to get a little cabin fever. Our appointment is this Thursday, so hopefully she will get released then, and will be able to do some of her before surgery activities.

Everyday, when I watch her I think, "What a miracle". She is a living example of the power of prayer. We had a PT evaluation last Friday and her therapist is awesome. She comes to our house which is great because Maya feels comfortable. It will also give me ideas on ways to work with her here... She is recommending 2 days of PT a week, so that will probably start this week. OT should also be calling soon to evaluate her and we will have all that set up, too. Bring it on!!

I had Gruene Market Days over the weekend and it was probably one of the hardest markets I have done. I took the week off of Maya's surgery and the week after, so there was a ton of work to do. We worked our behinds off and it paid... we had the best market ever :) It was really hard to leave Maya, but she can't take me to kindergarten so we've got to start spending some time apart. It's just really hard when you've spent every waking minute together and gone through what we have. But Daddy and Memaw took great care of her... Thanks Memaw!!

On a business note, her are a few pics from our latest photo shoot. My friend Amber did an amazing job (as always)!

I'll keep you posted on what Dr. Kup says on Thursday...
Thank you for your prayers~ they are being answered!!

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