Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby...

Dear Maya,

Today you are 4 years old! I can hardly believe how fast the time has passed. It seems like only yesterday you just a little baby. We love you so much, and can't imagine one minute without you!

The first months of your life were pretty tough... you were sick. Your heart didn't work as well as it should and you had a hard time eating and breathing. Mommy worked really hard to make sure you gained weight, but when you were four months old you had a surgery to fix it.

It was so scary, but we knew that you were in good hands. When they were finished, you felt better right away! After only three nights in ICU, we brought you home... and you haven't stopped since!

Your favorite food is pizza.

You LOVE the beach.

When you grow up you want to be a rock star and that really doesn't surprise any of us!

Your favorite color is purple.

You love animals.

Your favorite new toy is the Wii and you can kick everyone's butt in bowling.

Your favrorite thing is your pink Hippo that Memaw gave you for your 1st Valentine's Day. You still use it as a pillow.

Your favorite pet is Dixie... sometimes we think that you love her a little too much. Poor dog.

And last, but not least, you love Parker and Rain... and even though you torment them, they love you back just as much.


Mommy, Daddy, Rain, Parker and Dixie :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sick little girls

Poor babies! Rain and Maya have had coughs/fevers/tummy issues for a few days now... No Fun! We went to the doctor yesterday and they tested negative for strep (yay!) so apparently it is just a cold. Maya's oxygen levels were good, so that was wonderful news. We always worry about that when she has any respitory issues since her little heart is always working overtime.

Aren't they cute? I took this picture with my phone so it's not great, but they had to wear these masks while we were waiting. It made feel better, too. I always think of all the 'other things' kids can catch just being in the waiting room :)

So Rain will return to school tomorrow pending no fever today. I'm crossing my fingers, but I think that they will both be better soon.

By the way, the top picture was taking by the truly talented Amber Walters at A. Leigh Photography. You can check out her awesome blog here.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Workin' Out?

So, when I started Simply Adorable Maya was around a year old and I was pretty much back down to my pre-baby weight. And now that she is almost 4, I'm back up to my (almost) right after baby weight. Not fun.

I blame my sewing machine. Totally. Especially these past few months. All I've been doing is sitting and sewing which does not burn many calories. And while I still fit in my clothes, they are quite snug. I need to lose a good 7 pounds.

So today I decided to participate in Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life Diet/Exercise tips. There are a ton of really great tips & ideas out there so you should check them out. Here is what works for me~

Body for Life

It's so simple- Eat combinations of lean protein and carbs together to help sustain blood glucose.

Snack Examples: low fat cottage cheese and apples; string cheese and low fat yogurt

For a full line up visit the Body for Life website by clicking here.


I love the dvd's... I can do them at home and there are various times from 30-50 minutes. You can find them for pretty cheap on Ebay. My favorites are Cardio Party 3 and Cardio Party Re-mix Live! They are a fun mix of kickboxing and dancing and really are a full body workout.

I don't do the Body 4 Life workout because I'm just not that dedicated... yet. I have done it in the past and it does work... amazingly well. If you are a gym person, you should give it a try.

My Calorie Counter Database Website

I usually kick start my routine by counting calories. For me, it helps remind me that every little think I put in my mouth counts. With 3 kids, it is super easy to eat off their plates and eat there snacks. I use the website my calorie counter- you can look up foods and count calories online. They will even track your weight and tell you how many you need, etc. I've found that I am more likely to eat something healthy that is already listed on my page because it is there. This helps keep me on track. After my habits have changed, I stop counting calories because I don't need to. I have a good idea of what I can eat and how much. You can also add exercise-- It does all the work for you. Click here to get set-up.

So that's it! So far I'm down 1 pound, hopefully I can keep it up somewhat :) I'll keep ya posted!

Monday, January 4, 2010

We're baaaaack!

Last night we drove in from Marfa after 8 days... It was a. lot. of. fun. We had a few little bumps in the road (Maya and I both had a stomach virus) but all in all it was a very restful trip. I read 2 and half books, spent some quality time with the girls and snuck in a nap almost every afternoon. Kevin's Dad and nephew both got deer and I am not jealous. Really, I'm not! Ok, maybe a little (LOL)!

I thought it would be neat to post a few pictures of the bunkhouse so y'all can get a feel for what it's like out on the range...

Here is the front of the bunkhouse... Kevin recently added the porch and it has made such a HUGE difference. I LOVE those big cedar posts, too.

The first room when you walk in is sort of like a "mud room". It was once a closed-in porch that was finished off and we added two bunks. Down the hall at the end is a tiled bathroom with a sink, shower and a potty.

Then you can either enter the kitchen or living/bedroom. Notice the lack of sewing machines? Yay that. (I was in desperate need of a break)

There's not even a washer and dryer, so the laundry just has to wait! Now see how I was able to read and nap?!? Here is a picture of Papa (Kev's Dad) and the girls.

Kevin and Clinton with Clint's 11 point buck.

And we are home and wishing it wasn't quite over. I could have stayed a few more days... I hope each of you had a Happy New Year!