Friday, August 7, 2009

Sew... What else is new?

The remainder of July I spent sewing... Big surprise I know! But we came back from Marfa and then Dianna, my head seamstress went to Hawaii for two weeks. It was a much need break for her, but man I had to sew my heiny off to get ready for Gruene.

Then, Alibi Boutique also ordered an entire baby line from me... And if your not in the market for baby stuff I HIGHLY recommend their mommy stuff!! I lust after everything in this store each time I'm there. They have casual and dressy clothing so there is always something to fit the occasion. I've got my eye on a baby blue burn-out tee, so HANDS OFF when you're in there!!

Here's directions:

We've also spent some time at Schliterbahn and the Resort pool. I'm not sure my kids know how really lucky we are to have such a fun place right in own back yard. So I guess that pretty much wraps up July-- marfa, sewing, & sunbathing.

Oh! And I almost forgot... My DH almost cut his thumb off. Yep, that's what I said. He was "fixin up" one of our bulls (steer now) and cow jumped. The result?

** Do not scroll down if you are squeemish**

And this was after about 2 weeks... He cut it completely to the bone. I almost passed out when he first asked me to help him clean and bandage it. I do not do well with this stuff and seeing my husband's hand like that made me weak in the knees. Thank goodness it is all closed up now :)

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