Saturday, August 8, 2009

How 'bout them Cowboys?

So, living in Texas and LOVING football we are, of course, huge Dallas Cowboy fans. Win or lose we love 'em, and no matter what the scoreboard reads we remain behind America's Team. Now, don't get me wrong, last season was a big disappointment- with all that talent, they should have done better than they did. But this is a NEW year, and I can barely wait to hear the "duhn, duhn, duhn, duhn" of the NFL's theme song. I love football season.

Since Parker is 10, he has totally wrapped himself in football. He's played flag football for three years now, and I think this year he will start playing tackle. His grandparents live in Irving (Home of the Cowboys) so you can imagine how much he loves going to visit.

For his birthday, his Aunt and Ma & Pa signed him up for the Dallas Cowboys Youth Football Camp. This is an actual training camp where they teach football skills, and where campers learn about respect, integrity and Dallas Cowboys football history. Originally, it was supposed to be at Valley Ranch, but a windstorm collapsed the roof, so they moved it to a nearby college field.

Parker was so excited! He got to meet and talk to several players... Damarcus Ware actually did a Q&A session and sign autographs. He was in 10 year old boy heaven.

Now. the Dallas Cowboys (Big boy) Training Camp takes place in the Alamo Dome in San Antonio and since that is just down the road, we decided to take the kids and watch them practice. I was amazed at how many people were there. The Alamodome was practically full and people were decked out in Cowboy gear. Kevin said, "leave it to the Cowboys to sell out a practice".

It was really interesting to watch... I always thought that training camp was supposed to hard. To me, it looked more like pre-game warm-up. They did run plays and we got see this guy

Steven McGee- Our favorite Aggie QB. (gig 'em)

When the practice was over, everyone went crazy for autographs. In order to get down on the field you have to have a special pass, so people ran down to the front of the stands and reached out for whoever was nearby.

Being the way he is, Kevin took Parker down to bottom because Parker was dying to get a closer look. So they head down the stairs and I lose sight of them in the crowd. Then, all of a sudden, I see Parker walking around on the field! Apparently Kevin had just tossed him over the side so he began collecting autographs and chatting with Cowboy team members. It was hilarious! He met these guys

Coach Phillips (yes the head coach of the DC's) & Andre Gerad. He also got Patrick Crayton & Dave Campo to sign his shirt. It was perfect because he wore his DC Youth Football Jersey. I think that little trip made his week. When he came back, he was grinning from ear to ear and was talking a mile a minute about what people said & how big they were. The result?
Ta Da! He is soooooo proud of his shirt. I joked with him about selling it on Ebay to pay for his school supplies. Mean mommy! (I know, I know) Let's just say he is guarding it with his life and probably won't ever let me get my hands on it to even wash it.

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