Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rewind: Port A '09

Our trip to the beach was awesome this year! I finished up Gruene Market Days on Sunday, and on Monday we packed the car and headed for Port A. It was going to be a week long stay, and I was in desperate need to get away.

We got there around 8 o'clock (I had to stock a store before we left) and our condo was decorated really nice!

We walked in and Rain said, "Mommy, that's the fan from design star!" We LOVE that show.

And it really did look like someone from HGTV had come in and re-decorated the entire place. Everything was well thought out and perfectly paired.

So, we spent five full days on the beach and loved every minute of it.

The kids had fun in the pool

and this picture of Maya cracks me up...

She didn't really use the goggles, she just wanted to wear them on her forehead. I guess it made her feel 'official'. She also learned how to do a front flip/forward rolling dive flip into the pool. She was very proud of herself!

The only bummer was that Kevin had to work a few days, so he didn't stay the whole time. We did take Parker's friend Logan for a few days, and when his momma came to pick him up she spent the night as well. It was like a mini-'girl's night'!

And of course, no Port A trip log would be complete without the infamous picture in the shark's mouth!

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