Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Land of the Lost

This week has taken much out of me... Since I have added a new Market and two new stores to the business, I have been very busy sewing. My seamstresses now come two days a week and we can still barely keep up! I feel very blessed for the success, but sometimes it just totally wears me out!

To keep me on my toes, we finished off the week with a garage sale. It was definately bitter-sweet... much of the furniture and personal items belonging to my grandmother have been in our garage for over a month now. It was a terrible reminder of her sudden death on April 19th. She was like a mother to me, and was the keeper of my childhood memories and family history. Since my father passed in 2003, all of this now falls to me as I am the only one left. A strong realization that hit me as I unpacked and priced her things. I take comfort in knowing that she is happy again, reunited with my Dad and Grandpa and of coarse her Lord and Savior. But I do still feel a deep, lingering sadness within. I know that this will ease as time passes, but for now I aim to keep busy and enjoy a fun summer with the kids...

So, after the sale on Saturday, we took the kids to see "Land of the Lost" and it was such a treat! We don't go to the movies that often, and since it was Maya's first time to be in a movie theater it was really fun to watch her watching the film. Rain also had her moments of surprise with dinosaurs jumping out and chasing the characters. Though it has some adult humor, we think the girls are too young to really get any of it, and it was just enough to make Parker almost fall out of his seat with laughter.

As for me, I thought it was pretty entertaining, but I am easy to please in that regard. I was just happy to see ol' Kenny Powers (Danny McBride in Eastbound & Down) back in full effect. Overall, it was $22.50 well spent and a fitting end to an exhausting week.

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