Thursday, June 18, 2009

HOT, HOT, HOT! (Simply-Adorable)

This past weekend, Megan & I participated in Boerne Market Days. Overall we had a great weekend, but it was so incredibly HOT! With temperatures soaring up to 100 degrees we did our best to stay cool. Kevin installed two 'ceiling' fans in the top of our tent and it was truly a life-saver! By Sunday though, we were heat-delirious :)

Boerne is a really neat place... the merchant association there has done a tremendous job restoring the downtown area to its original beauty. There are so many neat shops & places to eat, it is a tourist haven. The market itself is a little different than what we are used to. Not everything there is handmade, so some of things lack the quality & originality of some of the vendors in Gruene. (Though we do see some familiar faces there)

As you can tell from the pictures, we do have a grassy floor & a level area in which to set-up... a HUGE plus. Our booth is also a 12x24 and is considerably larger than in Gruene. The downfall? No shade! Without our beloved tree, our booth sits in the middle of market with no natural shade to help keep us cool. Needless to say, should we decide to return to Boerne this summer, a different booth with a shade tree is going to be a must!!!

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