Thursday, September 30, 2010

Out of PICU

Maya took a little walk and scored a Tinker Bell movie from the Brave Chest. She scored because she loves Tinkerbell and this was one that she hasn't seen before :)

Then we got ready to move to our new room in the surgical unit... YAY! While we miss the constant one on one care of the PICU, being in our new room means we are one step closer to home sweet home. Before we left, the nurse removed the central line near Maya's clavicle. It was stitched in and had lots of tape, so this was not a fun thing. Also, the smell of the hand sanitizer that we all use makes her nauseous only adding to the stress. After that line was gone, Maya got a visit from a furry friend and that was helpful in calming her down. Next came the drain from her chest. At this point she was through with Dr.s and nurses removing stitches and tape, but she powered through it anyway. I think it was thing I most dreaded, but it came out surprisingly well. After that we packed up and headed to our new room where there was a big gift basket of stuffed animals from the Moore Family. Perfect timing!

Next we had a little visit from Mrs. Jackson. She brought Maya a mini-Laptop and we had a nice visit. Kevin was at the hotel catching some z's so it was nice to have a friend to chat with. A few minutes into her visit, Maya asked for food for the first time in hours and has actually kept it down.
Next came a sweet gift from Kids Kare that she just loved! Today we have seen the most smiles and when she isn't feeling nauseated, she's pretty much herself.

Parker and Rain are on the way, so I will update later with the details from their visit. I have a feeling that little dose of her siblings is just what Maya needs. I'm really looking forward to seeing my kids in the same place! I'll post more later...

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  1. Wow! She looks great! (loving the PJs!) i love reading the BLOG and hearing all the good reports!!! hug her for me!