Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In Recovery

They were able to repair Maya's valve and it leaks very little now. The surgeon was unable to put the ring in because even the smallest ring was too large. He made several stitches in two separate parts to close the leaks. When Kevin and I saw the pictures we were amazed... I don't think anyone had a clue how big the space was. There's only so much you can tell from echos, but we are lucky to have such an amazing doctor. We have no idea how she was doing as well as she was with the amount of leakage that was going on. Her valve was barely working at all.

There is no knowing how long this repair will last... she will most likely need the ring put in at some point. We are hoping that she will be in her teens and can have an adult size when the time comes. We have avoided the mechanical valve for now and that was the main goal.

For now, she is recovery well in the PICU and all her numbers and stats look good. She goes in and out of sleep but for the most part is resting comfortably... as much as she can with a million wires and tubes and beepers and buzzers. She did request water and apple juice... those will have to wait for a little while, though! She is such a little trooper!

Thank you for all the prayers and thoughtful notes... the really mean so much to us :)

In Him,
Kevin, Brandy & little Maya

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