Thursday, April 15, 2010


It's so hard to believe that seven years ago today, we were blessed with such a beautiful baby.

You have always been an easy child.

You are almost always happy and just go with the flow.

You are as sweet on the inside are you are beautiful on the outside.

And over the years that dark haired infant grew into this beautiful little girl.

Happy Birthday, Rain Isabella!

This year you are in the first grade, and learning Spanish quite well. You are reading above level in both Spanish and English and your teachers LOVE you!! You have never gotten anything but a "green" in school.

Your best friends at school are Kailee and Valeria.

Your partners in crime are Parker and Maya, of course!

You have always loved horses and want to be either a vet or fashion designer when you grow up.

This year you learned how to snorkel in Akumal...

and lost your first tooth!

Your favorite thing is sleeping late...

and Mommy is lucky to have you as a model!

You LOVE Parker and Maya (most of the time!!!)

You have been a joy to raise and I love every minute of being your mommy.

Happy, Happy 7th Birthday!

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