Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Wild Party!!!

Rain's Birthday party with her friends from school was on Friday at Megabryt. That's a little store downtown that carries clothing, accessories and jewelry (of course!)

The theme she chose was zebra and hot pink.

I found this adorable zebra cake at New City Bakery. It was delicious!

And those cute zebra balloons added to the "wild" feel. The girls just loved them.

Valeria and her little sister were the first guests to arrive.

As soon as the others started to trickle in, it was time for pizza!

Rain's favorite: Macaroni and cheese pizza from Cici's!

Then it was time for the girls to choose their beads...

there were so many to choose from-tough decisions!

Everyone showing off their choices :)

Add a few more beads to mix up,

some instructions from the staff,

And let the jewelry making begin!


Rain trying on her necklace to make sure it's the right length.

Rain and Emma

Leslie and Jordyn

Taylor and Maya

Happy Birthday to you...

Make a wish!

A quick picture with Mommy,

and then one with the girls!

What a WILD Party :)

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