Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fun at the Farm

We spent some family time at the farm last weekend... it was a ton of fun!

Here is a picture of our new babies. Aren't they adorable???

Kevin had a big pile of wood to burn, so we ended up having a HUGE bonfire. Check out the pile of wood...

That's Kevin lighting it on the right to give you some scale. He's around 6'4".

Marshmellows, anyone? No way! This fire was so hot we could feel it from the deck!

The girls thought it was really cool. They just stared at it.

Parker had fun going back and forth.

The flames at there highest rose to about 30 feet. Whew!

I have to admit that I was a little nervous at first... But I was amazed how fast it burned! It was mostly burned less than an hour after he first lit it.

We did end up having a cook-out on a much smaller fire. Bratwurst and hotdogs cooked over an open flame. YUM!

And what's a camp-out without marshmellow roasting?

The kids did a really good job getting them just right.

Toasted on the outside and goey in the middle.


Now that's how to eat a marshmellow!

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