Monday, January 4, 2010

We're baaaaack!

Last night we drove in from Marfa after 8 days... It was a. lot. of. fun. We had a few little bumps in the road (Maya and I both had a stomach virus) but all in all it was a very restful trip. I read 2 and half books, spent some quality time with the girls and snuck in a nap almost every afternoon. Kevin's Dad and nephew both got deer and I am not jealous. Really, I'm not! Ok, maybe a little (LOL)!

I thought it would be neat to post a few pictures of the bunkhouse so y'all can get a feel for what it's like out on the range...

Here is the front of the bunkhouse... Kevin recently added the porch and it has made such a HUGE difference. I LOVE those big cedar posts, too.

The first room when you walk in is sort of like a "mud room". It was once a closed-in porch that was finished off and we added two bunks. Down the hall at the end is a tiled bathroom with a sink, shower and a potty.

Then you can either enter the kitchen or living/bedroom. Notice the lack of sewing machines? Yay that. (I was in desperate need of a break)

There's not even a washer and dryer, so the laundry just has to wait! Now see how I was able to read and nap?!? Here is a picture of Papa (Kev's Dad) and the girls.

Kevin and Clinton with Clint's 11 point buck.

And we are home and wishing it wasn't quite over. I could have stayed a few more days... I hope each of you had a Happy New Year!

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