Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy, Happy Birthday, Baby...

Dear Maya,

Today you are 4 years old! I can hardly believe how fast the time has passed. It seems like only yesterday you just a little baby. We love you so much, and can't imagine one minute without you!

The first months of your life were pretty tough... you were sick. Your heart didn't work as well as it should and you had a hard time eating and breathing. Mommy worked really hard to make sure you gained weight, but when you were four months old you had a surgery to fix it.

It was so scary, but we knew that you were in good hands. When they were finished, you felt better right away! After only three nights in ICU, we brought you home... and you haven't stopped since!

Your favorite food is pizza.

You LOVE the beach.

When you grow up you want to be a rock star and that really doesn't surprise any of us!

Your favorite color is purple.

You love animals.

Your favorite new toy is the Wii and you can kick everyone's butt in bowling.

Your favrorite thing is your pink Hippo that Memaw gave you for your 1st Valentine's Day. You still use it as a pillow.

Your favorite pet is Dixie... sometimes we think that you love her a little too much. Poor dog.

And last, but not least, you love Parker and Rain... and even though you torment them, they love you back just as much.


Mommy, Daddy, Rain, Parker and Dixie :)

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  1. Oh my gosh, she's so darn cute!!! I can't wait for her to be one of Brogan's girlfriends one day!!! Love her!! ;)