Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sick little girls

Poor babies! Rain and Maya have had coughs/fevers/tummy issues for a few days now... No Fun! We went to the doctor yesterday and they tested negative for strep (yay!) so apparently it is just a cold. Maya's oxygen levels were good, so that was wonderful news. We always worry about that when she has any respitory issues since her little heart is always working overtime.

Aren't they cute? I took this picture with my phone so it's not great, but they had to wear these masks while we were waiting. It made feel better, too. I always think of all the 'other things' kids can catch just being in the waiting room :)

So Rain will return to school tomorrow pending no fever today. I'm crossing my fingers, but I think that they will both be better soon.

By the way, the top picture was taking by the truly talented Amber Walters at A. Leigh Photography. You can check out her awesome blog here.

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