Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hippies & Happy Valentine's

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, we have been busy getting geared up for the activities :) Thursday was Maya's classroom party at Mother's Day Out and then on Thursday night the 'big kids' had a family dance at school.

Maya was soooo excited when I picked her up... she had a really cute basket filled with Valentine's from all her friends. Lots of sweet notes and goodies :)

Parker ended up staying after school until the dance started... since he is on Student Council, he was asked to stay and help decorate, pop popcorn and help the teachers do whatever else needed doing.

The PE teachers taught the kids all the dances from the 50's thru today and they had a ton of fun struttin' their stuff. They encouraged the kids to dress from their favorite era, and Rain chose to be a Hippie. She ended up wearing the Field Day shirt from last year since it was tie-dyed and had a big sign on it. Then I threw together a pair of brown bell bottoms to complete the look. Add some converse tennies and a headband and a flower child she became!

Here are the girls all dressed up... Maya, Kailey, Rain, Valeria & Mariela. These girls had soooo much fun together!

The Art Club offered face painting for $1. Here's some pictures of their fantastic work:)

And no Valentine's Day is complete without a picture with Daddy! Isn't it sweet?

Parker spent most of his time working, but he did take a few minutes to dance with his little sister... that is, until her shoe fell off!

And here's one of Rain and her best friends doing a little jig... they are sooo cute!


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