Friday, December 4, 2009

Oh the weather outside is frighful...

and today we headed here

for a private shopping Bazaar and luncheon. Man, it was cold! Megan and I decide to carpool not knowing what the weather was going do~ so we loaded up my 4x4 and drove to San Antonio.

Can you see the shopping cart in there? I would never have thought we would have fit all our stuff in there. A-mazing.

When we got there it was freezing cold, but there were some awesome helpers there. We unloaded, and then turned it into this

The only bad thing is that we were in the hallway and everytime the door opened (which was often) we froze :( Megan even wore her gloves for the second half of the show and were inside!!

It was over at 2:30, then we packed it all up and headed home. I'm so excited about having cooler weather but tomorrow we have Gruene Market Days and the morning is supposed to be like 24 degrees. SERIOUSLY? Thank goodness for the Gruene Coffee Haus... they will help keep us nice and warm with delicious toasty beverages!

See y'all in Gruene tomorrow!

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