Monday, December 7, 2009

Atta Boy!!

So I've kicking myself since October because we took the kids to Marfa for Pronghorn season and I left the camera there... Yep! Our brand new camera, 420 miles away. Total bummer. Plus, blogs just aren't any fun without pictures. But now it's back (YAY!), and so I just wanted to share how Parker took his first Pronghorn.
We live in Texas, and we are hunters. The first year Kevin and I were married we really struggled and I swear if it had not been for the Pronghorn he killed that year we would not have eaten any meat at all! We are responsible hunters, and take great care in teaching our children the importance hunting and all that goes with it.
We hunt pronghorn and mule deer in West Texas, and whitetail deer closer to home. If we don't eat the meat, we donate it to "Hunters for the Hungry". Kevin also spends a ton of time watching, feeding and looking at the deer on our land. He decides which ones to shoot, which ones we keep.
This year it was Parker's turn to take a Pronghorn, and I have never been so proud. We were all together in the four-wheeler and after three days of hunting we found the one. He took his time and was VERY patient... something extremely difficult for a 10 year old about take his first buck. He waited for the perfect shot... and took it.
The buck took a few steps and it was over.

Congratulations, Parker! I love you!

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