Monday, November 2, 2009


This was truly a fun Halloween... maybe the best one since I was little. All the kids came up with their own costumes (with no coaxing from me LOL!) and they each had a blast.

Parker was a zombie (here he is with Haley a forest fairy)

Rain was a vampire (princess, of coarse!)

and Maya was a cheerleader... GO BLUE! It was so cute because she would be the first one off the hayride and would still be the last on to the door... then she would say, "Twick or Tweat!!" So adorable :)

We decided to bring the 4 wheeler from the ranch and hook-up a trailer to create hay ride for some neighborhood kids. I had no idea what a hit it would be! We cruised the neighborhood in style and the best part was that the trick or treaters were not worn-out and whiny when got home for the...

Traditional Candy Swap! Each kiddo comes back to the house, dumps out their candy and then begins to beg, barter and steal for their favorites. Have you ever seen so much candy? (forgive the picture I took it with my phone) I think this year was the tops!

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