Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Ok, so I've been a BAD blogger. Sorry! Things have been CrAzY at the shop (which is great) and every time I sit down to blog my camera is at the shop and blog posts are boring without pictures.

So much has gone on the past month, I just don't know where to start... Maya had a follow-up echo with Dr. Brownlee and her leak is fixed. That's right- No more leak and no more meds. PRAISE THE LORD!!! It's still hard to believe that I am actually writing this.

Rain and Parker are doing great is school, and both have their birthdays coming up. I can't believe they are turning 8 and 12. Oh my~ Parker is going to have a camp-out at the farm and Rain wants a bowling party. So there is definitely some birthday planning in my future!

Speaking of birthdays, the shop was 3 months old on my birthday (March 1). It has been such a blessing... Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would do this well. I have been able to watch my dream become a reality and I feel so blessed! People come in, create their own "look" from one of my designs, some people buy fabric to make their own creations & some buy off the rack. I love what I do and the people I work with~ and... $1 of every sale goes to a foundation in San Antonio to help kids get heart surgery. I love being able to contribute to this cause.

So things have been busy, but I promise to be a better blogger! Thank you to all my sweet family and friends who have offered their encouragement!

LORD my GOD, You have done many things-Your wonderful works and Your plans for us; none can compare with You.

Psalm 40:5

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  1. yeah for all the good things going on in your life!!! many blessings! and LOVE the shop!!!!!