Wednesday, November 3, 2010

International Quilt and Fabric Market - Houston,TX

This place was amazing... and intimidating! There were so many cool booths that I never would have had time to see them all. Companies from all over the world come to Houston once a year to show off their latest and greatest.

Michael Miller fabrics... I buy a ton of fabric from them...relatively speaking of course! I sat down at one of those tables and got a sneak peak at the new Spring Line. Really cute stuff!

Here is Patty Young... she's a designer for Michael Miller. Don't pay any attention to the people... it was Halloween!

Here is Riley Blake...

Very cute stuff. I will probably be adding that to Simply Adorable's fabric stash very soon.

Can you see the floor? These guys actually brought in wood flooring. I can't imagine doing that for a show! Looks awesome, though!

And here is Amy Butler-- probably my favorite designer of all time. She was there and I must say that I was a little star struck. Though I'm not sure how much of her new line I will be using. It is really cool, just a little more adult and home dec-ish.

And finally, the BIG boys... Robert Kaufman. I would have loved to sit down at one of those 20 stations and filled out an order. But I found out that the opening is 2 grand, so I'll have to wait until the store is up and running. Maybe next year!

And there it is! I'm official, ha!

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