Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blood, Sweat & Tears

Ok, so we all know that Rain is our sweet and sensitive one. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and sometimes what seems like the smallest thing can be very BIG to her. Well, she's been wanting a bike for awhile, and Memaw and Pepaw brought two home. (one for her and one for Maya) Rain has always been a "scooter girl" and I think because the other kids spent so much time on them, the whole bike thing never really interested her... until now.

The girls could not wait to get on them and strut their stuff. Maya hopped right on and never looked back.

But for some reason, Rain had a really tough time getting the hang of it. Partly (I think) because the bike is just a tad too big for her and also because this is just the typical way that she addresses challenges, poor thing.

Well, Daddy wasn't havin' it. She was gonna learn to ride and she was gonna do it right. I know it seems really awful and funny at the same time, but here is the video of Kevin "coaching" her down the street. (Memaw, turn the volume down)

She can really ride pretty good, and I'm not even sure why she's screaming the whole time. What a mess! It sort of reminds me of the time he taught her how to spell her name...

R-A-I-N. Four little letters, yet so much drama (ha!)

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